Unique signature Tarot deck

Deconstruction of traditional Tarot practices for world of Limbus

Decks is now available for order!
Limited run

Unique signature Tarot deck

Deconstruction of traditional Tarot practices for world of Limbus

Decks is now available for order!
Limited run

We welcome you to the world of Arcane Limbus
We were inspired by the classical Tarot deck. We transformed it with the respect to deep symbolism of Tarot.
Limbus world itself was largely inspired by cards. When we were creating the deck and the setting, we studied Western esoteric traditions and the secret teachings of the East thoroughly. Then we dove into deep semiotics, and learned the secrets of modern post-structuralist psychoanalysis and much more.

So it is not surprising that the figurative style of our cards is characterized by a variety and richness of interpretations.

Arcane Limbus Deck

78 brilliantly laminated and lavishly illustrated cards in exclusive box
Author's deck is created as a part of the Arcane Limbus project. This deck is a part of skirmish wargame, which takes place in the mysterious setting of Limbus after the Fall of the Emperor.

We assure advanced fortune tellers that you will find a complete Tarot system during exploring the symbolism of Arcane Limbus. Our deck fully corresponds all expectations because it has complex and deep symbolic structure.

Decks are limited.

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Some arts of Major and Minor Arcana from the deck

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About the World of Limbus

"Arcane Limbus starts at the end of another world. The catastrophe, that we called the Fall, was caused by the enormous ambitions of those who were to inherit the land. And the indecision of those who owned it. But the world did not collapse on its own. The Enemy did it.

We have a very good knowledge of how the world was before the falling into the abyss of Limbus. But we know little about what happened after the Fall. And now we invite you to the journey of gaining a new self.

The dark motionless place where the world ended up after the collapse has a name. Hell or purgatory are all just words. But Limbus is the exact and true name of the fate that was destined for the world.

We would never dare to tell you a story about the path of suffering and mistakes that led to the Fall. But there is something that makes us talk. A few millennia after their own death the Four Kings awoke in the Limbus. Something cast upon them. It was an unknown force called the Glow. And this light was enough to restore the will of the monarchs from dust. The first wish of every King was to escape from this hell. And that turned out to be impossible.."

A Tarot card deck of Arcane Limbus is part of a large unannounced project,
on which we have been working for more than 3 years and have working now.
We have connected dark fantasy wargame and the world of Tarot,
and they fit together perfectly.

You can subscribe to project news. Artbook, new models, board game -
these will be anonsed very soon.
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